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Marjan Sheikholeslami Aleagha ـــ Part III


Marjan has a history of confusing and complicating relationships. Sometimes she called herself a reformist, sometimes a conservative, and sometimes a non-politician.

The marriages of convenience have given her great opportunities to improve and to climb to the top of the career ladder. Marjan has always accompanied her husband to all places where she appeared to sign contracts or participate in tenders and auctions; a husband who supports her interests at each stage.

After Marjan’s role in Iran’s 'Billions Petrochemical Fraud Case' was exposed, her husband Mahdi Khalaji tried to justify himself. According to the Open Corporation data, their relationship was not only through marriage but rather, the two have had an extensive business relationship.

After marrying Mahdi, Marjan established ‘Georgetown Real Estate’ in Washington (DC). (The purpose of establishing this company was to register the document of newly purchased properties in the name of this company so that they could breach the law and hide the information of the purchased properties from public view.)

Marjan’s connections in the field of media are considerable too. She has established a network including the most controversial people. Masih Alinejad is one of her most prominent trainees.

Both of them, Masih and Marjan, accepted the relationship. Alinejad in her book entitled "The Wind In My Hair" mentions that "Aleagha helped me through thick and thin and I owe it to her." Aleagha also stated in an interview with the 'Persian News' that she has spent a lot of time training Alinejad. An interesting and significant point is the history of both of them in the Islamic Consultative Assembly Iranian parliament).

On February 12, 2017, Aleagha, Khalaji, and Forouhar, Alinejad's husband, attended a special conference of the 'National Council of Iran' for Free Elections in Toronto, Canada, with their controversial spouses.

Masih Alinejad always tried to hide her sincere relationship with Marjan SheikholeslamiAleagha. After criticizing and publicly questioning the embezzlement of Marjan, in a tweet, she announced that she does not consider anyone an exception and she is waiting for additional news about Aleagha!

Marjan Aleagha claims that she is not political, but according to the site called Shahrvand, in 2014, she donated money to Majid Jowhari, a candidate in the Canadian parliamentary elections.

In September 2016, two years after receiving financial assistance from Marjan Aleagha, Majid Jowhari met members of the Islamic Republic's parliament and supported a petition calling for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. "These delegates spoke about Canada's concerns about human rights in Iran," he said. It was an opportunity for me to listen to their opinions. We have to listen to different groups. "Now we can be cautiously optimistic about the future, especially about facilitating the Iranian people's relationship with the Canadian people and facilitating trade relations between the two countries."

Jowhari worked for several large Canadian companies and later started his own business.

Another person who had relations with Marjan Aleagha is Ahmad Batebi.

Batebi is one of the people who left Iran many years ago and has always introduced himself pro-Regime-Change. Speculations about this relationship can be considered in this study because Ahmad Batebi supported Rouhani at least once in 2017, and participated in the presidential election. An audio file linking Ahmad Batebi to his interrogator was also released online, asking him to approach the opposition, and spy for the Islamic Republic.

On September 5, 2021, the judiciary spokesperson in Iran announced the sentences against the accused of 'Iran’s 'Billions Petrochemical Fraud Case'.

Reza Hamzehlu (CEO), Abbas Samimi (Vice President), Alireza Alaei Rahmani (board member), Mostafa Tehrani Safa (board member), Mohsen Ahmadian (commercial manager), and Marjan Sheikholeslami Aleagha (CEO of Deniz and Hatra companies) have been sentenced to 20 years in prison each, 74 lashes, permanent deprivation of any official job, and fines (the amount of money earned through criminal acts).

By using her political assets, Marjan has stolen a large sum of Iranian wealth and trades in a safe country (Canada).

This story continues ...

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